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Executive Roundtables


Are you a business owner looking to expand and scale your business larger? Like many business owners, you have likely established pillars of success through hard work and possibly a little bit of luck. To continue growing your company's profitably, you may need to expand your business acumen and gain some outside help. 

The solution: Executive Roundtables for leaders will introduce you to other noncompeting
industries to tap into their collective wisdom and engage with professional facilitators to attain productive, actionable solutions for your challenges. Roundtable sessions will include informal discussions with business experts from a variety of fields-- from finance and accounting to human resources and marketing. In short, Executive Roundtables will help you run your business with increased results, less stress and more confidence.

  • Boost your business acumen and fill in gaps.

  • Improved decision-making and greater confidence as a business leader.

  • Smoother operations, less fire-fighting and better strategy for growth.

  • A safe, confidential setting where you can be open about sensitive issues.

  • Unvarnished feedback from your peers.

  • Camaraderie with business peers who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

  • Gain insights not only with professional issues but also personal ones.

  • A chance to give back to others by sharing your experience.

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